Walking Our Dogs (2006)

Rivkah - Walking Our Dogs
Release Date: 2006-04-06
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« Walking Our Dogs » a été enregistré en 2006 par Stéphane Buriez avec David Herman Düne. Il a été chroniqué dans Les Inrockuptibles, Magic et plusieurs webzines : Obskure; l’Oreille de Moscou …

Pochette : Rivkah

Paroles / Lyrics

See in my arms
What a waste of time
I give you all I can
But you don’t share a thing
I thought we could be friends
But you don’t understand
And you took everything
And you don’t respect a thing
Now that it’s over
Oh it will be better
I don’t want to see you
Cause you were so bad and cruel
You lie…

There is no answer coming to me
It’s a hard work coming to me
I’m chasing bad things coming to me
I’m trying to live with what’s coming to me
I’m looking for someone who’s coming to me
One day I’ll say it’s coming to me

No don’t fall
I am coming to you
Don’t fall
No don’t cry
No don’t die
I am standing by you don’t die
And I will look after you trust me this is true
Hey! Can you hear me?
I said I am standing by you don’t fall
And I will take care of you trust me this is true
Hey! Can you hear me?
At last you’re smiling

I’ll come around you and I’ll take your clothes off
I’ll come around you
Don’t stop me, I’ll be your nurse
Give me your time
Your body is alive and so I am
Your body is alive
Don’t stop this hungriness
Give me your chest
I’ve been waiting for a so long time
I wish you will come over me
I’ll take your body and I’m not ashamed
I’ll take your body
Don’t stop looking at me
Come inside me

I was so fine
This last time this last word this last smile
We are friends and
I care about you no matter if you don’t love me
If you enjoy it that way
I’ll be fine
I’m looking at you
With those girls those words with those smiles
We are friends and
I’m in front of you no matter if you don’t see me
If you enjoy it that way
I’ll be fine
You should know it
I am falling down in front of you
My heart is swinging
When you’re here when you speak when you smile
It’s bleeding inside of me
It hurts so hard and it’s driving me mad
But you look so happy that way
So I’ll be fine
You look so happy without me

Can’t I have a cigarette and then have a little rest
And then have a little time to lay in my bed I
Really have to sleep now I
Really have to close up my
Eyes are burning my
Hair is falling down
Bye bye
I can’t stand to wait
For my healthy break
I can’t stand to wait
For my selfish break I
Really am into it I
Really am into it is
Closing my eyes
Then I can’t see you
Then I’ll see you next time
As soon as I wake up

I am loosing my mind
I need you by my side
I’m waiting for a sign
Please don’t let me be mad anymore
If you hear my prayer will you be mine
If I give you my hand will you be mine
You must be surprised
I’m not going to apologize
I ain’t got nothing to hide now
I don’t want to be sorry anymore
I don’t want to wait so long
I don’t want to stay on my own
I decide to go cause
Nothing hold me back here
I wonder if you know how
I’ll miss you cause I won’t be here anymore
If I go away will you forget me
If I choose to stay will you forgive me

I am oh so surprised to myself
I’m becoming another girl
I haven’t thought that someday
Someone like you in my head
It’s a sort of brainwashing you keep my attention
I hope that it’s just for a while
I have lost concentration in anything else
I’ve stop thinking of my own life
I haven’t thought that someday
Someone like you in my head
I swear to god I just want to take this out
But it seems to be stick in my brain
And I hope that it’s just for a while
I haven’t thought in my head
Someone like you someday
I am begging you to take yourself of me

Those songs are like my rescue
I give you all my hate
Keep this with you and do me
A favor before it’s too late
Put that away from me
I am so plenty of it
This is not how I want to be
Tell me that it’s finished
I can go now and be free
I have some visions
That makes me sick and angry
And all those invasion
Are the pictures of my enemies
I tend to keep calm
But I don’t want any longer
To pretend that I’m alright
I have to spit my anger
I need to be free
I have to figure out
Let me know what to do
It is leaving me now
Those songs are my rescue

I haden’t notice this world, world of missing
Too many days are gone since you were there with me
Thoughts are winter inside of me
I had so much generosity from you
I am lost like a little girl even twenty years after
You were so old
I haden’t notice this world, world of missing