Pop song féerique bouclée


2 big fearful eyes
you look like a fawn
so expressive, little female
you look like a fawn

even after winter, you’re always cold
hidden in you duvet
making your own nest

running fast, spinning round & round
making me laugh
with your mad dash
you make me laugh

my dog’s paw, so skinny
my dog’s ears, so funny
delicate & pretty (x2)

some say you’re small
some say you’re tall
whatever! you seduce them all (x2)

sniffing everything
sometimes asleep
never really resting
waiting for my signal
ready to jump

hop, come on, stop! … (x2..)

your extreme thinness
your extreme speed
a kind of roundness
the curve of your tummy

you’re not human
but i am almost feel like a mom
you, incredible animal

you & your pedigree,
some say you look like me
how can it be?
all right, i do agree

i am fond of you little one
since you’re gone i’m alone
we had such a good time
thinking about you makes me smile
i remember you & i’m fine
i’ll be fine.