Pop song féerique bouclée

Madeleine Riffaud

this young girl, she is lost in a war
this young girl, she is fighting so hard
not scared, not frightened..
she can’t stand humiliation

no choice, she claims..
undercover, then discovered
no sound from her mouth, not even disturbed

those bastards, they are killing her friends
those bastards are turning her life to hell
not scared or frightened..

no choice, she thinks..
still alive she is
no sound from her mouth, not even disturbed

that war is over but
as a woman, the ordeal is not

incapable of being normal,
she is going to travel
observing those resistants
not as a combatant
describing this violence..

then love shows up, so powerful
but in his custom, so not allowed
no choice, she knows..

another country, another war
another city, another war…

then back, then bored,
she’s having another battle
here in a hospital
nursing unlucky people

she writes
she tells
(old lady she is)

no choice, she says.