Pop song féerique bouclée

Go on run

First I thought that you were brave
That I could trust in you
Seem like a courageous man
& I was sure of it too

So I kept you like a pearl
Promise that I’d protect you
And every time I heard
Your voice I ran close to you

But many times you were upset
I tried to make you forget
Your pain and your sadness
Oh I really did my best

You were extremely unfair
Screamed like i was responsible
For the torture in your brain
Oh you were so impulsive

You run & you run & you run
You think this will stay behind
You run & you run & you run
Cause you’d rather stay blind

It’s strange the way you change your
So suddenly
You go up & you go down

But unfortunately
You cannot control it
& maybe oh maybe
You should work on it

But you prefer to ignore it
It makes you feel so nervous
You prefer not to face it
You have better things to do

You hide this from everyone
You’re always in a hurry
To catch this imaginary train
Every night & day you flee

You run… This will not stay behind
You run… But you’d rather stay blind

You were right to go away
Finally I’m not a nurse
I’ll find a place where I can stay
Without trembling & being hurt

& if you don’t want to be cured
It is only your problem
If you don’t have the will
We don’t belong together

In the beginning we had
So many things to share
But in the end i realise
That I’ve made a mistake

I won’t say I wasn’t loved
We shared a real passion
But I don’t wanna be with someone
Who lies to himself that much

You run… You will never exorcise
You run… This evil inside
Go on run, go on run…..