Pop song féerique bouclée


Somebody says that I just have to walk away
Somebody thinks it is my fault because I stay
But it’s my family that make me unhappy
If only it was easy, if only it was easy
For me to go and be

Somebody thinks me weak because I stay
Somebody says that I am sick because I stay
But my own father will kill me
If only I, if only I
But my own mother, I might lose her
If only I choose, if only I choose
To run away

Would they be able to do what they say to act as they say,
would they

Nobody sees that I’m doing my best
Nobody feels that I need help
Cause my daddy shapes my destiny
So if I have to renounce my roots
Tell me where will I grow

Will I will I will I find, another another home ground

Will I find another home ground where I can grow